Who We Are

Who We Are

Founded on Principles

Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative (Northeast Power) is a not-for-profit transmission electric utility headquartered in Palmyra, Missouri. We are owned by the eight Member-Distribution Cooperatives we serve - three in southeast Iowa and five in northeast Missouri.

We are part of a three-tiered not-for-profit cooperative system; each level has its own set of unique responsibilities. The Member-Distribution Cooperatives are the top tier. They provide electric service directly to the member-consumers, which include businesses, farms and households. The distribution cooperatives are responsible for building and maintaining power lines from distribution substations to their member-consumers and providing other value-added services.

Northeast Power is part of the second level of the three-tiered system, which is primarily responsible for transmission services and delivery of wholesale power to our Member-Distribution Cooperatives. We own and maintain 984 miles of high-voltage transmission line, 95 distribution substations that serve our Member-Distribution Cooperatives, as well as seventeen 69 kilovolt (kV) switch stations and five 161/69 kV transmission substations. Northeast Power also maintains a 345/161 kV substation that is owned by our power supplier, Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Associated).

Associated is the third tier of our unique three-tiered system and is responsible for generating and procuring power. In order to provide for the system's ever-growing demand for wholesale electricity, Associated has built a flexible mix of resources, including coal and gas-based power plants, hydropower, wind power the Take Control & Save energy efficiency program, and a vast and integrated high voltage transmission system.

Our three-tiered cooperative system brings efficiency through specialization at each level of the system and is fully focused on providing safe, affordable and reliable electricity to member-consumers at the end of the line. As a cooperative system, earnings above the cost of providing service are returned to members as patronage dividends (capital credits). Electric cooperatives are organized and governed by the Seven Cooperative Principles, which makes us different than other utilities and we are proud of that difference.