Support for Economic Development Organizations

Support for Economic Development Organizations

Support for Economic Development Organizations is designed to strengthen the key partners in Northeast Power's service area. Successful economic development is achieved through partnerships. Northeast Power partners with state, regional, local and federal organizations involved in economic development in the service areas of our Member-Distribution Cooperatives.

Northeast Power financially supports the following organizations involved in economic development:

Appanoose Economic Development Corp. (IA)

Davis County Development Corp. (IA)

Great River Economic Development Foundation (IL)

Great River Region of Southeast Iowa

Iowa Area Development Group

Lee County Economic Development Group (IA)

Macon County Economic Development (MO)

Mark Twain Lake Chamber of Commerce

Missouri Community Betterment

Missouri Economic Development Council

Moberly Economic Development Corp. (MO)

National Rural Economic Developers Association

Northeast Missouri Development Partnership

Northeast Missouri Economic Development Council

Palmyra Chamber of Commerce (MO)

Pike County Development Authority (MO)

Professional Developers of Iowa

Opportunity² (Formerly River Hills Initiative)

Shelby County Economic Development Council (MO)

Tri-State Development Summit (IA, IL, MO)

Villages of Van Buren (IA)

Northeast Power encourages all of its Member-Distribution Cooperatives to be active participants in their service areas' local economic development organizations. If a Member-Distribution Cooperative joins or invests in a local economic development organization, Northeast Power may join or invest in it as well. Northeast Power's Manager of Member Services and Economic Development can be a resource to help local development efforts. Northeast Power also supports programs that improve the economy and quality-of-life of its service area. Examples include:

  • Tri-State Development Summit;
  • Missouri Community Betterment Program;
  • Palmyra Chamber of Commerce.